Turkey Joe!

This week my step-mother visited!

Now, dear ol’ Steppy is a bit on the big side and currently dieting in efforts to reach and maintain a healthier weight (more power to her!) Any way when she left for home I was left with 1.2 pounds of ground turkey. I have never used ground turkey as it just wasn’t available back in my home town so this required some research (read Pinterest.) Holy-Moly was I surprised! I had no idea turkey was so versatile. After much deliberation and checking what I had about, I decided on Grown Up Sloppy Joes with Turkey and Avocado.

The main contribution to the decision was I had everything I would need so no grocery run would be necessary! A sure-fire way to make my day is finding a new recipe that I can make on an absolute whim!

Turkey Joe 1

I’m not going to repost the recipe since the link to it is above; but I will mention my two variations from the original recipe:

  1. While I’m sure they add an extra layer of flavor I seldom cook with shallots, thus I just added a bit of extra onion and garlic.
  2. Instead of an actual whole wheat hamburger bun as suggested in the recipe, I ate my Turkey Joe open-faced on half a whole wheat bagel thin. This kept the calorie count down and was what I had on hand.

Turkey Joe 2

 I am extremely pleased at how the Turkey Joe turned out! It completely killed my craving for that indescribable sweet, spicy, tangy, smoky flavor that is Sloppy Joe! Will defiantly make again in the future!

Guten Tag!


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